Ames Chiropractor

Hello Ames, Iowa!

We would love to introduce ourselves as Dr. Nash and Dr. Leilani and we are chiropractors in Ames. As college athletes, we experienced gnarly conditions such as; disc bulge, severe chronic ankle sprains, sciatica, concussions, etc. and we understand what compensation from these injuries can do to your body. Untreated, or repetitive injuries can have snow ball consequences down the road, and we are passionate about helping you in whatever stage of recovery you are in.

"Well i'm not an athlete"

Did you know that emotional and chemical stress take a toll on your nervous system as well? This type of stress tends to sneak up on you. As chiropractors, we evaluate how your type of stress manifests itself through your nervous system in your spine.

Let's reach your health goals!

2021 is your year! Whether you recently injured yourself, or you’ve decided that you are done with just living with your low back pain, we want to help. We want to create an amazing opportunity for you to understand more about yourself, so we are offering $75 off new patient exams in the month of January.

Give yourself some peace of mind and allow your body to adapt to the stress that 2020 threw at it.