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injury treatment at Complete Connection Chiropractic in Ames, IowaChiropractic Injury Treatment in  Ames

It’s impossible to go through life without some sort of injury, whether it’s a sports injury, an accident, or a result of everyday activities. These injuries can lead to lasting side effects such as chronic pain, muscle strain, or even lasting muscle damage. Surgery and pain medications can be expensive and hard on the body. Chiropractic adjustments can provide pain relief and even promote a faster recovery!

Many injuries can actually be the result of joints that are moving improperly. Chiropractic care can actively aid in injury prevention and lead to improved performance. Restoring proper mechanics to the joint can prevent the rest of the body from forming poor movement habits and even quicken the healing process of existing injuries and chronic conditions! Chiropractic adjustments can not only provide pain relief but can also help injuries heal faster. Many patients even continue chiropractic care after their injury is fully healed to continue to enjoy the health benefits of chiropractic adjustments.

Complete Connection Chiropractic not only serves as a pain relief center but promotes overall wellness and connection to your body. We take a holistic and educational approach to foster improved mental, physical, and emotional health. When looking for a chiropractor in Ames, get the care you deserve by choosing Complete Connection Chiropractic!

From Whiplash to Muscle Strain, Experience Healing!

Patient Success Story

“Dr. Leilani is friendly and attentive to details of past injuries and present activities in order to provide the best care possible. She goes above and beyond in providing exercises to improve mobility and strength.” – Brent S.