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chiropractor for kids in AmesPediatric Chiropractic Care in Ames

The spine serves as the primary line of communication between the brain and body. There are billions of nerves running through the spine that send and receive signals from every tissue cell, gland, muscle, and organ. All of this communication is crucial for healthy child development and everyday life!

Difficult births can often cause misalignments in babies. Childhood falls, sports, and everyday activities can put stress on the spine, causing negative side effects in young children. Getting regular chiropractic care is an often overlooked yet vital part of pediatric health care. Chiropractic adjustments can:

  • Reduce the likelihood of child and toddler ear infections
  • Alleviate asthma symptoms in children
  • Reduce the likelihood of kids having allergies
  • Help with colic, acid reflux, and nursing difficulties
  • & So much more!

The adjustments given to babies and infants are extremely gentle. These adjustments are much different than what adults experience and can be comparable to the amount of pressure you would use to press on an eye.

Complete Connection Chiropractic provides holistic family chiropractic care and helps aid in the development of healthy children. We provide compassionate, expert care for all ages and stages of life. When looking for a chiropractor in Ames, get the highest-quality care at Complete Connection Chiropractic!

Promote Healthy Development for Your Child!

Patient Success Story

“They are dedicated to serving their patients, families, friends, and loved ones with intention and passion for chiropractic. Both docs are highly skilled with their training and education background. I would definitely recommend seeing them. Your health will completely be in good hands with these two!” – Paula V.